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The other day I returned it to the dealer for a rattling/banging noise in They took the bike in, disassembled the primary and did not find anything wrong. After putting it back Published date: May 20th, Here's a trick to.

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So a year ago or so i had my inner primary bearing go. So under load and hot is when it seems to get noisy. . Join Date: Oct Location.

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Touring Models - Primary Noise. First, here is the noise I am hearing 1) When coasting to a stop when I pull in the Join Date: Jul

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Touring Models - Knocking noise at idle when engine is hot - I've noticed a few , PM Hows ur primary chain adjustment.

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Evo Classic Models - Primary / Transmission Related Bearing Noise? - Noticed the primary has a bad bearing sound when coasting / slowing in low gears. Also same noise in low gears Join Date: Mar Location: Aruba.

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Touring Models - chattering noise when bike is hot - I know there have been many threads Right side, primary side, fluid levels checked?.

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Primary/Transmission/Driveline/Clutch - primary noise when warm - Road Glide Custom with miles. Only after a longer ride, the.

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When the bike is idling in neutral not touching the clutch lever, I have a noise like When I pull the clutch lever in the noise goes away?? . FLHX, Big Bore, SE Air Cleaner and re-map, Klock Werk windshield. for years, we have a head tech at a large HD dealership and he is a loyal Harley guy.

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Sounds as if the chain might be loose and rattling against the case, noise was audible in neutral with the clutch lever engaged (out) and when.