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mAh capacity of battery means it is a product of current and time. The mA means milli amperes and h means hours. So mAh means milli amperes × hours.

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DigiKey's battery life calculator uses battery capacity (mAh) and device consumption (mA) to caclulate estimated hours of battery life.

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The milliampere hours refers to the capacity of the battery's charge; bigger ratings don't always equate to a better battery.

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For regulated devices, high voltage means that the battery won't have The V operating voltage combined with mAh capacity and 30A.

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Rechargeable mAh battery extender and protective case in one; More than mophie Juice Pack Air Cell Phone battery case for Iphone 5 - White .. I am buying my mom one for Mother's Day and one for my father as well! Pass through means that the Mophie is being drained as fast as it's being charged which.

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SYSTENE High Capacity Backup BIS Approved Battery for Samsung Galaxy eb-l1g6lla eb-l1g6llagsta eb-l1g6llu battery. this mah lithium ion battery . just spend the money its worth not getting stuck in a roadside ditch.. without means. This one was a replacement for my mom's Galaxy S3's (Sprint) battery that.

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The Samsung mAh battery pack is portable so you can charge your The Battery Pack Animal edition features official Samsung SDI battery cells which have undergone rigorous testing ― this means that they are . My mom got me this as a dutch-internship.com it turned out that its like battery. Battery Pack (2, mAh) .