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Beaufortia kweichowensis is a species of gastromyzontid loach native to rivers in China. The common names for this popular aquarium species are Chinese hillstream loach, Hong Kong pleco, butterfly hillstream loach, and Chinese sucker fish.

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Butterfly Hillstream Loach,Chinese Butterfly Loach, Hong-kong Pleco, Chinese Sucker, Chinese Hillstream Loach, Borneo Loach, Sting-Ray Pleco.

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Fish guide for Chinese Hillstream Loach, Beaufortia kweichowensis, Butterfly Loach identification and loach Butterfly Loach, Hong Kong Pleco, Borneo Loach.

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Hillstream Loach (Beaufortia kweichowensis) Butterfly Loach, Chinese Hillstream Loach, UFO Pleco, Chinese Devilsucker, Hong Kong Pleco.

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Scientific Name: Beaufortia kweichowensis (Fang, ) Common name: Chinese Butterfly Loach, Hong-kong Plec, Butterfly Hillstream Loach, Chinese Sucker.

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"Hong Kong" or "Hillstream" Loach: Beaufortia kweichowensis (貴州爬岩鰍) Can you keep a hong kong pleco with a black moor and goldfish.

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Beaufortia kweichowensis / Chinese hillstream loach / Hong Kong pleco / butterfly hillstream loach / Chinese sucker fish.