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Presenting baseball's best bunter (which isn't saying much). 0 New, 22 That year, Martin's 11 bunt hits would have placed fifth in the majors.

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In baseball, a sacrifice bunt is a batter's act of deliberately bunting the ball, before there are two outs, in a manner that allows a runner on base to advance to.

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Because, while I'm certain some of the more proficient bunters in baseball history did at times bunt for a hit with runners on, I'm afraid.

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The pitchers with the lowest WHIPs are generally the best pitchers in the league Daniel Okrent, a writer who invented rotisserie league fantasy baseball.

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Rank, Team, IP, BB, HA, WHIP. Rank, Team, IP, BB, HA, WHIP. 1, UCLA, , 5, 2, Tennessee, , 8, 3, Penn St. , 9, -, Texas St.

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argument of which baseball statistic is the best meas- ure of team success. II. . years later that the sacrifice bunt and attempt to steal . errors and WHIP is not.

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Being the beginning of fantasy baseball draft season, what better time for a primer: . the meaning behind things like batting average, ERA and WHIP. down by ground balls, fly balls, line drives and bunts, including BABIPs.