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Do you sometimes feel as though you're losing your mind? Don't worry! Crazy people are the BEST people Take our quiz to see how you rate!.

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Question 1/9. What do you think about this little puppy, eh? Definitely don't need that in my home; I'm afraid it might get into the wrong hands I need to harness.

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There are many faces to Deadpool and there's no telling which one will show up! Even he has no idea most of the time! So do you have all those Pools in you?.

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The Nintendo universe is brimming with colorful characters, each with their own distinct traits, powers, and personalities. But which legendary hero on a quest for .

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Some people are crazy in a good way while some are "take me to the asylum" crazy. How crazy do you think you are? Take up this crazy quiz.

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“Are you crazy or something? Did your brain fall out when we were having sex last night?” Caleb held his hands up in surrender. “I could be way off here. It's just .

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PrettyFunBrainfall MediaFREE - In Google Play You are a complex creature with many facets to your personality but this will capture your essence in just THREE words! We still love them, but you have to admit, they are a little CRAZY!.

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