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Have you ever seen a picture of a cat with an arched back or seen your cat do it and wondered why? Cats have incredibly flexible spines (in fact, that's why.

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A cat might be scared, mad or in full defense mode if he's arching his back in the stereotypical pose of a Halloween cat, according to the Humane Society of the.

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The cat's back is very flexible, making it capable of curving it into a fairly tight arch , especially when compared with dogs. There are a number of.

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Petunia was in heat during the show. I don't think this went over too well with the judges as she would go stiff and arch her back wanting to be.

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The girl picked up Kismet The Cat from where he sat beneath the oak table caused the cat to arch his back and spring onto the floor and up the narrow staircase. Massey and Patty Jo washed up Petunia Blount's prized bone china and.

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Enter to win a copy of this new children's cat book called Hello My she approaches people on ballerina-like tiptoe with her back arched for.

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Petunias In The Garden | See more ideas about Petunia plant, Flower gardening and Flowers. Unusual Flowers - The Best of the Best - Black cat petunia http://.

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Ruellia brittoniana, Purple Showers, Mexican Petunia or Ruellia Dwarf Mexican Petunia - perennial, can bloom twice if cut back after first bloom.

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But guess what IS coming back!! Required reading for our cat, Petunia: Neurotic people probably make pretty great pet owners, according to a new study on overbearing pet parents. . It's exactly like this except without the arch thingy.