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Get a cat tree. Actually more than one. The trick is, your cat climbs up, and the toddler stays below; thus the cat is safe. Make sure the cat tree is.

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You see, cats are pretty much toddlers. They require care and cleaning up after, and they have this silly approach to life that you can't help but laugh at. Plus.

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When it comes down to it, there isn't much cats and babies can do on their own. Considering their When She Cries (And Actually Sounds Like a Human). cat acted like The same can be said of toddlers. Continue to 6 of 8.

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Click here for information about the infectious diseases which can be associated with cats and how to minimise the risk to your children's safety and health.

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The Crazy Things That Toddlers Do. WebMD Toddlers start out 'ape,' and when they get upset, they really go Jurassic on you. They turn into.

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Cat eye syndrome can affect many parts of the body, including eyes, ears, heart, and kidneys. It's caused by a problem with a chromosome.