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Chattaroy mines and coal camp were opened by the Chattaroy Collieries Company in This was once the Howard Collaries Company store in Chattaroy, WV.

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The picture of the Howard Collieries Mine Rescue team from Chattaroy was taken in Columbus, Ohio, after a National Mine Rescue contest.

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Drawing track and buildings at Chattaroy, WV, Cline and North vs. James H. Skaggs personal recollections of working in the N&W's Mining Department. Winding Diagram 20 HP Motor Stator Howard Collieries Coal Company Chattaroy.

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mines found on documents| Printable version | Download CSV | Download List of Documents .. · CHATTAROY COLLIERY · CHATTAROY COLLIERY AND HOWARD COLLIERY, Y, Mingo · WV COLLIERY CO.

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A local gas explosion in the mine of the Burning Springs Collieries Company at Kermit He, along with Hinkle, were brought to Williamson Memorial Hospital. Rescue teams from Howard Collieries, Eastern Coal Company, Pond Creek.

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Agency arrived in Matewan, Mingo County, West Virginia, Virginia: A Story of the Industrial Conflict in the Coal Mines (New York: B.W. .. Massacre and the Williamson-Thacker strike persisted from the s through the s. Mr. Howard Radford, a narrator from the Matewan Oral History.

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CHATTAROY (Mingo) Buffalo-Thacker Coal Co. Buffalo-Winifred Coal Co. Fall Branch Coal Co. Howard Collieries Howard Junior Coal Co. Standard-Thacker.