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There is a shortage of workers in cybersecurity and a shortage of women in tech jobs. New efforts to get girls interested in cybersecurity are.

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The cyber security industry is booming. There’s a high demand for cybersecurity pros, but a shortfall of qualified personnel. What are the pros and cons of being a cybersecurity professional?.

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Despite efforts by companies to attract more women to careers in cybersecurity, the number of women in the field continues to be low. What can be done to.

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Males hold three out of four jobs in the tech world, but it is in cybersecurity where the lack of participation of women is most acute. By one.

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When it comes to choosing cyber security as a career path, a common misconception is that a computer science degree is a must. While having an information.

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War has sparked an exodus of Syrian men often leaving the women the current war had destroyed their careers and left them unemployed.