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What sort of a person has a power complex about flowers? hanging over the fireplace, it's paint and varnish old and cracked and peeling.

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A page for describing Recap: Doctor Who S35 E11 "Heaven Sent". There's an old, cracked portrait of Clara in a bedroom, a dirt-covered shovel near the . castle through seemingly random actions: plucking a flower and dropping the petal.

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"Heaven Sent" by .. painting - the glaze is a maze of tiny cracks. The Doctor steps The Doctor casually pulls a petal from the flower (still in.

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Heaven Sent was the eleventh episode of series 9 of Doctor Who. As he tries to question the Veil, he pulls out petals of the flower, letting them .. Just as the Veil is about to touch him, the Doctor's last punch cracks the wall and reveals light.

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“Heaven Sent” is fairly unique in that it features only The Doctor. gravity, and distance by using a flower, an eyeglass, and throwing a stool through From the cracked portrait (“very, very old”) to the chalkboard messages.

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why call it Heaven sent? Heaven sent the doctor? old". but it his confession dial so he can put a cracked painting at the first place. . back, right before we're shown him noticing the flowers that went back to normal too.