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You check your WhatsApp every time you get an alert You analyse your ex- boyfriend's life purely based on when he was last seen online.

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The double check will appear in blue when your message has actually been read . end the confusion surrounding the original double-check syndrome, constantly checking a person's last connection time or online status?.

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You send an important message on WhatsApp and then eagerly wait for a Up until now many users incorrectly thought the double check.

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Having near-constant access to our friends via WhatsApp can be a double-edged sword. Being in a group chat can give a sense of belonging.

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Dear, If there is two gray tick showing. Means it has delivered to the receiver but if the read receipts is off of receiver's whatsapp then you will not be able to see.

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Read your WhatsApp messages in Incognito mode, and hide Blue Double Check Featured in the many digital newspapers in Spain: ABC, Expansion, ADN.

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Are you WhatsApp user? Do you want to disable blue double check? Here you have how to do it!.