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Nissan GTR Tuning Tools for the R35 GTR produced from The RaceROM Launch Control feature enables the latest Nissan Launch Control strategy.

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This feature offers a launch mode that can be activated whilst the vehicle is moving and is designed for those who want to look after their transmissions but also.

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EcuTek TCM Tuning Guide. Copyright © EcuTek .. How do I make the Nissan GTR launch Control work? .. Contacting EcuTek for Technical Support.

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boost controller Tuning- Suites/Nissan-GTR/RaceROM/ live logging.

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actually overwriting specific areas of memory that control the maps and other critical parameters of .. How do I make the Nissan GTR Launch Control Work?.

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GT-R RaceROM Phase 7 – New Traction control, Launch control, Linney Tuning and the team at EcuTek are delighted to announce the.

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EVI-BT puts the tuning platform at the cutting edge of technology, control, usability and EcuTeK Bluetooth vehicle Interface kit is used in conjunction with the ECU boost, adjusting launch- and traction-control characteristics and much more. GT-R whose factory tools allow transmission control system adjustments, tyre.

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How to adjust rpm on launch control - posted in EcuTek: So I got my ecutek all connected and loaded in the TCM tune I got. It now lets me rev to.