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Examples of client facing properties are ClientAuthenticationMethod, External Host Name. Examples of Server facing properties are.

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I am trying to set up Outlook Anywhere on a test environment and I am a little confused about what to use as the External host name. Currently I.

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Hi I have Exchange server onsite and now planning to move to office My predecessors didn't setup Outlook Anywhere in the past.

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to Network Solutions · Website Forwarding · Private Domain Registration Configure your Outlook Anywhere deployment to use multiple SSL certificates enter the host name, for example dutch-internship.com, and then click OK. Change the URLs for the Exchange services You must change the external and.

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Posts about Outlook Anywhere written by Anish Johnes. Resolve the external hostname of the Exchange Server in DNS; Check and confirm registry. Check and confirm that the authentication configured for the RPC virtual directory is IIS.

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I've already configured the internal host name for Outlook Anywhere in my To configure the internal and external host names use Set-OutlookAnywhere. You can work around the issue with a registry tweak or disable.