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Additional weight and changes in the body during pregnancy cause muscular Applying drug-free Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel or drug-free Deep Freeze.

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Browse our collection of frequently asked questions about Deep Freeze products. Can you use Deep Freeze during pregnancy / breastfeeding? Pain Relief Cold Patch and Deep Freeze Pain Relief Glide-on Gel are medical devices.

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Does it say if it's safe in pregnancy on packet/leaflet? If not You'd be best off asking a pharmacist, doctor or midwife if it's safe tbh just to be sure.

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I know pregnancy is a beautiful gift and I thank the stars for this miracle Deep Freeze gel and the cold patches are an absolute staple for me.

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I had my glucose test today and 28 week check up so I asked my midwife if there was anything I could do- i mentioned deep freeze gel as it.

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I use it and used deep heat with last baby but freeze gel is better, Olbas oil on my back which really helped and is safe during pregnancy.

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Deep Freeze patch, gel and glide-on two-thirds of women are expected to suffer from muscular back pain at some time during pregnancy (1).

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It's about $12 a tube and comes as a spray, roll on, or gel. -- It is fine to use i used it with my last pregnancy due to the siatic nerve and my dr.