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Logging requirements beyond finding the geocache and signing the log. Only one Project A.P.E. cache still exists today. physical cache, and to find an additional set of geocaches as defined by the challenge owner. .. Large geocaches generally include SWAG or trackable items for trade, while small “ micro” caches.

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Geocaching Quick Quiz: Name that LingoNovember 14, In "7 Souvenirs of August". Top 10 images from our Geocaching.

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(e.g. "I went to the trade show and picked up some great swag"). My guess is the the current meaning has evolved from the latter usage and.

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We can admire other geocachers and have opinions about the merits of .. In my way of looking at it, any other definition would be, to some.

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I was thinking many people probaly have diferent definitions on what geocaching is so I was just wondering how would you personaly define geocaching in your own it's a game where people hide a container with or without swag and Also it's a time to admire scenery, weather, and what's around you.

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Some would consider me as "not an actual geocacher" because about .. I still admire the personal coins that are made with the geocachers own . I just thought it was might shinney swag, yeah back then swag was called.

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I know it was an enjoyment to you and Lane, as well as to some of us keeping At least in Arizona, it's an open-carry state, meaning aside from .. +Swagger 0 . In fact, there are some things in Canada that I much admire!.