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Sometimes if i put the bike into neutral and a long time stop light it wont let If anyone while riding their SRAD wont mind comming to a stop in second to 2nd, the most load put on the drive train during this gear change. this is why tire will probably lock up and the bike will stall putting you into a lowside.

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I have a gsxr k6 when i start it up it runs ok go out on it after a while it starts it after a while it starts to run rough and when i pull the clutch in it stalls.i hav but a to you computer and read what it is putting out? you have this set up to do this? HI brian hav had my bike on the laptop at the bike shop and the man said it.

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when i replaced the clutches i also replaced the springs and metal discs, so i basicaly replaced everything, the way i took them out is the same order i put them .

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GSXR ยท Yamaha Bolt No, it shouldn't stall while you are moving when you let off the throttle. . Put it in first gear and slowly let out on the clutch. Some bikes will idle along in gear just fine. Keep in mind that you can use the friction zone for better throttle control in 1st gear (good for sub 10 mph speeds).

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I put it down to not having the gear properly engaged. Tip: If for some reason you hit a sudden false neutral keep in mind to ALWAYS UP.

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put your fingers in your ears and it goes away like magic! . I even hear a little slop when easing around slowly in gear also. My wife's GSX-R doesn't have nearly the personality of my model .sean . The valve train makes the most noise and cancels out anything else on my 2 Aprilia's, well.

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Have a look at your clutch cable,is it adjusted right if it isnt it will create all types of problems with your gearbox,make sure you change the oil.