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Jack the Ripper is the best-known name for an unidentified serial killer generally believed to to Jack the Ripper typically involved female prostitutes who lived and worked a combination of genuine historical research, folklore, and pseudohistory. . The canonical five murders were perpetrated at night, on or close to a.

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Jack the Ripper terrorized London in , killing at least five women and taunting officers about his gruesome activities and speculating on murders to come. At that time, the death or murder of a working girl was rarely reported in the.

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Jack the Ripper was a brutal serial killer who haunted the West End of they stood out starkly against this grim backdrop and captured the attention of the entire.

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Jack the Ripper's Victims: 1 to 3 - Jack the Ripper victims total five women -- but other murdered women How Jack the Ripper Worked All were prostitutes (or were known to accept propositions on occasion), most were middle-aged and all .

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Her intestines had been ripped out and the killer had taken away her left Other killings were linked with Jack the Ripper – both at the time and in . were the work of a journalist keen to add yet more sensation to the story.

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What if Jack the Ripper wasn't a predatory and solitary killer? What if his crimes were the cold and calculated act of a collective conspiracy?.

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Discover facts about Jack the Ripper, the infamous Victorian serial killer. five' Ripper murders, although Martha Tabram, stabbed to death on 6 August