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I am quite conversant in using hotmail as I have used it for years. I have also done the Deleting folders in hotmail ( So I deleted.

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Since you can create folders to organize your messages in Outlook Mail on the Web or (and before in Windows Live Hotmail), you.

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A lot of people have been surprised and rather confused by the changes in Hotmail as the Windows Live team updated the interface to make it.

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When you delete a folder, all the messages in the folder are deleted as well. Note : This article is about in a web browser. To get help in the Outlook.

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Learn how to delete all your email from your inbox in At the top of the message list, select Recover items deleted from this folder. Select Empty.

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There USED to be an option at the bottom of the list of folders in Windows Live Hotmail called 'manage folders'. In their infinite wisdom, at the.

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Delete a folder in Hotmail. Windows Live Hotmail lets you delete any email folder you created, whether it is empty or not. Hotmail's five standard.

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Useing folders in Windows Live Hotmail is a great way to help organize and manage email, in fact, it’s a great way to filter messages for.

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The Hotmail options help you update a folder's name, add a subfolder or delete an unwanted folder on your customized list. Organizing your paperless folders.