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How Alternators Work As a result, the alternator's power output is fed through diodes, which convert the AC power to DC power. The rotor and the stator are.

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Both alternators and generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy available on my YouTube channel as I was getting this question a lot of time.

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I have an old car alternator, is it possible to convert it to DC motor which will but having been working on a project on converting an alternator I thought I I've been watching videos on YouTube from guys who've used this.

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After searching the Internet and not finding a specific way to convert an automotive alternator from 12v to 24v output, I found "All About Circuits".

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Would it be advisable to connect a transformer between a alternator and a battery ? Once i have a working version i'll MOST gladly share it. I know that many have tried this, as the proof is all over youtube. batteries charged then use an inverter to convert the 12V from the battery to mains power (in your case VAC ).

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Car alternators don't normally see very heavy duty operation because they only put out a high current for a short while after starting up to top.

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Dynamos and Generators convert mechanical rotation into electric power. Dynamo - a Generator - normally this term is used to describe an alternator which creates AC power using There is a reason why it took 60 years AFTER Volta's first battery to get a good powerful dynamo working. More videos on YouTube.