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Pepi II, fifth king of the 6th dynasty (c. –c. bce) of ancient Egypt, during whose lengthy reign the government became weakened because of internal.

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Pepi II was a pharaoh of the Sixth Dynasty in Egypt's Old Kingdom who . Other scholars note that the lack of contemporary sources dated after his 62nd year on the throne does not preclude a much longer reign.

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Ancient Egyptian pharaohs: the sixth dynasty pharaoh Pepi II (old Kingdom) his incredible 90 year rule (making his the longest reign in Egyptian history).

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Both the Oxford History of Ancient Egypt and Peter A. Clayton, have his reign lasting from until BC. Pepi II, Last ruler of the 6th Dynasty and Egypt's .

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Pepi II had a short name but a long rule. In fact, he likely had the longest reign of any king in ancient Egypt -- as many as 94 years, according to National.

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Pepi II was the penultimate king of the 6th Dynasty. During his long reign, the decline of the Old Kingdom started.

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Interesting facts about the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Pepi II, ideal for kids, research and King Pepi II died after his long reign of 94 years and was buried in his.

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After Merenre I death, the Sixth Dynasty in Old Kingdom was under the reign of Pepi II Nefer-Ka-Re for almost a hundred of years. Pepi II is considered as the.