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You can deactivate your account temporarily and choose to come back whenever you want.

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Some folks have started a 99 Days Without Facebook challenge (think you could pull this one off?). Others choose to let a social media site.

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If the news of Facebook's data handling has got you spooked, here's how you can limit third-party access to your account.

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Those interested could visit the site, upload the project's logo as their profile photo and voluntarily pledge to disengage from Facebook for an.

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Sign into the Account and Delete it Since you dont know the Password you will have to reset it to get back into your Account for security reasons facebook can.

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Consumers have fresh reasons to consider quiting Facebook, with revelations about how the company tried to conceal Russian manipulation of.

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If you're looking to detach from Facebook but want to keep some of the simple benefits it offers — staying in touch with family, reminiscing over.

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As convenient as Facebook Messenger can be for private messages and phone calls, sometimes we could all use a break from the constant.