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No dial tone inside my house, but the DSL is working. When I . Shot in the dark, but we lost our land lines recently and it turned out to be some.

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Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology transmits data over phone lines without interfering with voice service. Find out how But there are disadvantages: A DSL connection works better when you are closer to the provider's central office.

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Just take a land phone and plug it in - do you get dial tone? If the jacks work for phone but not DSL, there may be a DSL filter installed.

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I contacted talktous and it seems their support is gone until Monday. It may be my phone as its 10+ years old, but it works otherwise instead of.

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You have analog POTS service & it did work before?? In this case you have a grey box on the side of the house called a NID. If you open the.

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DSL sometimes gets a bad rap compared to Cable or Fiber, but it can actually be a reasonable and Myth #1: DSL Requires Land Line Telephone Service By definition, it can work over any broadband Internet connection.