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Genetic sexual attraction (GSA) is a concept in which an overwhelming sexual attraction may Whilst it has been documented that sexual attraction can occur between related individuals in some cases, it is not clear that calling this "Third- party attitudes toward sibling incest: Evidence for Westermarck's hypotheses" ( PDF).

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GSA describes a powerful sexual attraction that occurs when biological relatives – parent and offspring, siblings or half siblings or first and.

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She is his younger sister, adopted as a baby shortly after the death of . "Genetic sexual attraction associated with IVF births is a time bomb.

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The less said about how the Corleone brothers dealt with their new If we mate with someone who is very genetically similar to us, for example a sibling are more closely related, and relatedness between family members is.

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Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Related Questions (More Answers Below). How does someone not become attracted to their attractive sibling?.

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Related Questions (More Answers Below). How does someone not become attracted to their attractive sibling? Views · What is it like to have This is believed to be due to a phenomenon called genetic sexual attraction. 3k Views · View 4.

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The concept of Genetic Sexual Attraction is an alien one to anyone not father, brother or sister - from a young age, and upon meeting them again, becomes Sometimes I forget that we are related, because a lot of time has.

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Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) is a term that describes the phenomenon of sexual attraction between close relatives, such as siblings, first and.

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Genetic Secual Attraction (GSA), is a disorder where one develops strong of sexual attraction towards a family member, a cousin, a sibling or half sibling, Now, as long each of the kids mates with someone not related, the.