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Reduce the heat to medium, spray the gammon steak lightly with spray oil and fry in the same pan for minutes, turning regularly, until the steak is nicely.

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Princes Pineapple is available in most major supermarkets and selected Serve the gammon steaks with the pineapple slices and chips, garnished with the.

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Broaden your children's tea repertoire with this healthy version of a long-time favourite. Gammon steaks are quickly grilled, then topped with naturally sweet.

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Learn how to cook gammon steaks in a range of ways. This delicious, salty meat is often served with pineapple rings or eggs and chips, but we've got many.

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Griddled gammon steaks taste heavenly served with crispy potatoes, a zesty pineapple salsa and watercress salad. Find more pork recipes at Tesco Real Food.

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A quick and easy Gammon & Pineapple recipe, from our authentic British cuisine collection. Find brilliant recipe ideas and cooking tips at Gousto.

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Gammon steaks with a chunky pineapple and mango salsa, made with prime British pork from pigs born outdoors and reared in airy, straw-bedded barns.

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g gammon steak, all visible fat and rind removed. 8 spring onions, finely sliced 1 small can pineapple chunks in natural juice. 1 tbsp cider vinegar.

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Gammon steaks served with pineapple slices and a honey and mustard sauce. 4 small or 2 large gammon steaks (either smoked or unsmoked) 1 small tin of.