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Fault lines directly below LA have the potential to cause more damage to 18, people—many more than the estimated 1, that would be.

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Living in fear that your home is on a fault line? The Los Angeles Times says the map allows users to input their address or share their.

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Select your county from the dropdown menu above to learn more about California earthquake risk and faults near you. Without earthquake insurance, you will be responsible for all costs to repair or rebuild — or to live and eat elsewhere — if an earthquake forces you from your.

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Geological Faults: The Geological Faults are the known fault lines provided by the California Geological Survey.

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The San Andreas Fault is a continental transform fault that extends roughly 1, kilometers . The San Andreas Fault System has been the subject of a flood of studies. of the fault, i.e. the region around Los Angeles, because massive earthquakes Scientists believe quakes on the Cascadia subduction zone may have.

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This is a map of Los Angeles California's fault lines and active fault lines. I have also included where each weather station is located so people can stay on top of .