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The following is a list of rallies and protest marches in Washington, D.C., which shows the – April–May, Coxey's Army Second March. – August 8, Ku Klux Klan march. Between 25, and 50, Ku Klux Klan members march to show.

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The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom took place in Washington, D.C. turned against protestors, many of whom were in their early teens or younger.

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The March on Washington was a massive protest march that occurred in In May , nearly 25, demonstrators gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to closing his speech with the promise that “We here today are only the first wave.

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Photos of the third annual Women's March in Washington others highlighted reproductive rights and many called for an end to the Trump.

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Linda Sarsour at Washington march: 'We will protect our “It says something that there are two Women's Marches today,” Julie Raines, who.

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The March on Washington had several precedents. Civil rights demonstrators did assemble at the Lincoln Memorial in May for a Prayer Pilgrimage.

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But many demonstrators said they recognized that the movement was . Jessica Childs, who's marching in Washington today, told CNN she.

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See CNN's March on Washington Fast Facts for a look at the march, led by Martin Luther King Jr. and others.

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Here's a look at how the March for Our Lives protest stacks up against other huge events at the national mall in Washington, D.C. USA TODAY.