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My friend and I wanted to trade and battle but we don't know how to add each other as friends. My friend code is , but I don't know what to do.

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Another way to add friends outside the game is from the Friend List in the 3DS main menu, you just need a friend code. share|improve this answer. answered.

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How to Add Friends on Pokémon X. Every Nintendo 3DS or 2DS has their own unique digit code called the friend code. This new feature, which was also.

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Even when you aren't playing, if you put your system to sleep, SpotPass can Obtain a Game Sync ID code from your Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire These powers can be used yourself or shared with a friend.

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This tutorial teaches you how to find your Nintendo 3DS friend code, and how to add someone's friend code to play multiplayer games.

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View your Friend Card and learn how to add friends with this handy guide.

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My friend code is: Show all 4 comments. Rachel Edwards ( QuailSoup): Cheers, I'll add you both back now! BABO: +Rachel Edwards Cool.

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When it asks for a friend code, it means the friend code of the person If you want to add someone locally (close by), have you and your friend.

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Friend codes can be used to battle and trade with a specific person via If you enter a 3DS friend,you can now get their safari in kiloude city.

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You must add your friend code into the body of your post or comment. i have oras so if you want to get pokemon you cant in oras ill trade you.