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Replies are Tumblr's way of responding to a post that's more specific than a like, less of a You've got three levels of who can and can't reply to your posts.

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The Tumblr platform does not support replying to replies or comments on your posts. However, Tumblr seamlessly integrates with the Disqus commenting.

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#i guess this is in answer to the anon who asked on how i draw bodies too lol??? . porowski#answered#couldn't figure out how to add pics to a reply so had to.

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How to answer a question with a gif or picture. 1: open a new “Text post”. 2: click on “+Upload photo” and select the file you want. 3: copy it.

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Bad news, you can't reply back to replies that were left in your own posts. However, if you have Discus Comments installed, that would be the.

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If you look at their post on the dashboard, next to the like button there should be a reblog and reply button. If the person who posted the post.

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The option to answer Tumblr messages privately was introduced with the You cannot reply to fanmail messages, either publicly or privately. Photo Credits.

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Locate the answered post on your Tumblr dashboard and click the "Reply" button Hover your mouse over the lower left corner of the user's display picture and.