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Get fit. Manly men don't have to look like Conan the Barbarian, but they do need to take care of their bodies.

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Being more manly is being more successful, and it really doesn't matter how you define success, becoming a better man and better at being a man will help you.

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confident than more “manly” men. If you feel this way, there's no shame in it. There's a large difference between being male and being a man.

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Without knowing what your interests are, I'll speak from my experience. First, really work on liking yourself. Liking and accepting who you are. You posed and .

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“Being self aware and passionate about something in life makes a man manly. It's not all about big hands and muscles—although those things are nice, too.

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Drink your coffee black. Pay with cash. Remember Names. Use these simple 57 manly life tips to become an insanely better man.

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"How to Be a More Manly Man" courtesy of Alan Light. Broad shoulders, square jaw, large muscular hands, deep gruff voice; boy was she scary. "You idiot!.

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How to be a man in the 21st century, based on years of reading, research, But what happens when things get rough and manly men are once.

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Do you feel like your masculine edge is lacking? You are not alone. Follow these nine simple steps to become more of an integrated masculine.