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If you don't like the list of ringtones given on your Lumia , you On your Lumia , go to Application list > Settings > ringtones+sounds.

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Get Nokia Lumia support for the topic: Change ringtones. Find more step by step device tutorials on

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Hi, I want to change my ringtone on the nokia lumia I have transfered music from my old phone and wanted to personalise my ringtones by.

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It seems I can only change my ringtone but not notification like text / email. I have some files I would love to use for txt / email instead of the.

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on my i am able to change ringtones i downloaded and placed in the ringtone directory but i am not able to use or select it for my IM.

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Change settings. Specifications. swipe-right. Choose ring tone - Nokia Lumia . Read help info. The ring Find "ringtones+sounds". Slide your finger left on.

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The simplest solution to modify the alarm ringtone is to go through the Nokia Lumia settings. To accomplish this, you will need to go to the.

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How to set and use MP3 as ringtone on a Nokia and Microsoft Lumia , , , , , , , , XL, , , , and all other types.

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To set a custom ringtone in Windows Phone 8, prepare the MP3 file on your computer and then connect your Nokia Lumia via USB.