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Make sure Word isn't actually right. Poor spelling (red squiggly underlines) and grammar (green squiggly underlines) can often remove all the.

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While typing in a Word document, you may find some words are underlined with red wavy lines and some sentences are underlined with green squiggly lines. Now, on this page, I will explain how to remove red and green wavy underlines in Word document. The red wavy underlines just mean.

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Learn how to remove red / green underlines showing spelling and grammar mistakes in an MS Word document. These zigzag lines show errors.

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The only option is remove once, and when it is reopened the green line is back!.

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When compiling documents, we often see underline marks in green and red colors below text lines. This causes a lot of irritation. However, not everyone knows.

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and want them just that way. Is there a way to choose -- always ignore -- for incompletes just as you can add words to the spell check dictionary? Thank you.

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Do you want to get rid of those annoying red squiggly underlines in your Microsoft Word document so that it's print ready? Here is how you can.

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Microsoft Word enables you to quickly view typos and other mistakes in a document by flagging the words that contain them with red or green wavy underlines.