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Since the weather was semi-decent today, I decided to clean out the We also have dirt flooring in the barn - it really is the best on the cow in a.

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I have a dirt floor and its very very humid and damp here (probably were out of the kid barn and moved to the woods pen, new clean pen that.

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Even if you have a quarantine barn, the area where the sick horse has been— before you “Dirt floors are hard to clean," Dwyer continued.

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Experts share tips on how to disinfect your horse farm. Many barns have hard surface floors but in the case of dirt, remove the top layer as.

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I've read that dirt floors are the best, so I've told my husband not to . We tried treated wood on a small section of our barn and it does not.

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I recently moved my horses to a new barn with dirt floors. I have ALWAYS . dirt floors. I just bed deeply, clean out the manure and wet spots.

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Our barn is muddy right now from all the rain and pee. It is going to be a big job to clean out in the spring. but you certainly have to We love our dirt floors, No way your can tile or work on the drainage around your barn?.

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Errigo has had experience with wood, dirt, and concrete floors. . To make certain there is constant air circulation, barn doors and stall.