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But there's hope - dogs with high prey drive can learn to control themselves Be sure to keep an eye on both the Distance and Distraction of your recall training.

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Is your dog intent on driving all the squirrels out of your yard? Put a stop to this behavior with these tips from trainer Mikkel Becker.

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Cesar,. My dog is obsessed with cats, squirrels, birds, lizards, anything alive that moves. Does that mean she's unbalanced? Is this normal, natural instinct?.

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Make a list of potential distractions for your dog and rank each on a 1–5 scale. Let 1 be a very mild distraction (music playing in the background.

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How To Stop Your Dog Chasing Cats, Squirrels, Birds & Other Wildlife . can use their sense of smell to greatly distract them from the thing they want to chase.

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If loud sounds are not promoting success in breaking your dog's squirrel obsession, consider using anything that makes a hissing sound. This sound will distract.

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So, what can we do to control our dogs around rabbits, squirrels, and that paying attention to me pays off, even in really distracting situations.