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How to Do a Herkie. The Herkie (also spelled "Hurkie") is a type of jump in cheerleading named for Lawrence Herkimer, cheerleading innovator and inventor of.

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The herkie or side hurdler is a common intermediate level cheerleading jump. in to the air, the cheerleader will use the built up momentum to do the jump. 6.

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The herkie is a jump performed in cheerleading routines. Generally, when you're Stretch: You should never do a herkie without stretching first. When you don't.

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The Herkie (aka Hurkie) is a cheerleading jump named after Lawrence Herkimer, the founder of If you were to do a left Herkie, then your left arm would be straight up in a High V motion, and your right arm would be on your hip. If your were.

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The Herkie Jump in cheerleading is named after its creator, Lawrence Bend your knees to sink to no more than a 90 degree angle as arms cross right over left .

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In a right Herkie your right leg is straight with your left leg bent and the opposite is true for a left So let's do a quick checklist of the differences.

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Make sure when performing the hurdle that your are turned to a diagonally to the right if your doing a right hurdle, and same with the left.

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Herkie: Cheerleader How To & Tips for Perfect Jumps and Splits, Cheer with and in this video she demonstrates how to do a Herkie—she shows you the 8.

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Visual Guide To Herkie Jump: Cheer Skills Review | Cheerleading Blog. How To Do A Needle Stunt For Cheerleading Posted on August by Jessica.

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the air and the left hand resting firmly on the hip, the left leg thrusting forward and Herkimer first developed the Herkie jump at North Dallas High School in the . What Is Matthew McConaughey Going to Do as UT's “Minister of Culture”?.