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Mar 16, Here's a quick simple tutorial on the Dragon's Breath! Twitch: /vapechilla IG: @VapeChillaOFFICIAL Discord.

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Feb 3, It's always enjoyable to perform different shisha/hookah smoke tricks with your friends. You can learn how to blow dragon smoke at our blog.

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Oct 6, Dragon's Breath is a very easy vape trick to master once you get the technique down. Many of the other tricks we have looked at are more on.

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Smoke tricks are the hallmark of a stylish smoker. No matter your You should feel the smoke towards your throat, especially if you take several quick breaths. 3.

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Watch this how-to video and learn how to do some basic smoke tricks with the hookah. Do smoke rings, snap inhale, and dragon smoke or dragon force. Blow.

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I was recently with a friend and we were vaping, and while i was doing the dragon's breath, or dragon trick, i realized how i was actually doing.

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Aug 7, The latest innovation in reckless teen stunts has a surprising origin: chef José Andrés.

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Dragons Breath is commonly seen in trick comps as How to do The Dragon vape trick.