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Breastfeeding your husband may sound unusual but look at the reasons he or she gets a full feeding before spending time with your partner.

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I drank my wife's breast milk and filmed the reaction. Thank you for Subscribers! You're all AMAZING! Subscribe to become a Buncher.

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Brestfeeding Husband & Best Tips While Brestfeeding by howtohow | breast feeding new mom breastfeed Watch Video.

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Spoiler alert: He didn't die from my breast milk. husband-drank-breast-milk my body seemed genuinely perplexed by this request for food to spill forth from.

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But yes, I did beg my husband to please please drink my breast milk! This is how (No worries, we did not feed that milk to the baby! We tossed.

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The arousal only occurred in our relationship, and not at all during feeding the baby. Even now, if my husband and I have been apart for some time (he works.

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Breastfeed Husband No!! Women usually just doesn't produce enough breastmilk to feed even significantly to an Adult man. The quantity might be sufficient.

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From experience, yes, actually. Funny story, but TMI warning: my ex was sort of disgusted by breast feeding at first, and used to make weird little comments about .

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As every mamals milk is beneficial to its family. Breastfeeding to husband won&# 39;t hurt. infact the more you will feed the more milk your breasts will make to.