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I have uneven eyebrows, one lifts up a bit higher seems to arch more. I Yes botox can be done to help correct uneven eyebrows, and to add more.

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An Easy Way to Fix Asymmetrical Eyebrows Or, Botox can be used to raise or lower the positioning of one of the brows so they match better,”.

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Background: Some degree of eyebrow asymmetry is present in many patients who Botulinum toxin A therapy is a problem-oriented, safe, and.

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Think Star Trek. Remember the one quizzical eyebrow – or was it both??? At any rate, another Botox error is when the treatment results in one.

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What happens when a Botox job goes wrong, can it be undone? This can manifest in brow asymmetry, lid ptosis (drooping eyelid), and.

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When you picture "bad botox," aka botched botox jobs, you probably see a face that doesn't Undesired results are asymmetrical brows, drooping lids, and forehead But how do you correct it and make actually look good?.