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And I know many people out there who would love to get better FPS on CoD4 without as much spending a penny [like myself]. Also, it helps on.

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is there a fps booster thingy for cod 4?ːsteamsaltyː.

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i have two gtx ti's and i normally get with max graphics but i If you play a little bit lower settings you will get easy fps with a.

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If you want to tweak some graphics to increase your FPS in the game, You probably already know that more fps makes the game feel much.

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COD4 Commands for FPS, LagOmeter etc Commands for FPS . Lower maxpacket settings i.e 30 lowers ping on screen but at the cost of.

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To get better fps you can use a program: yitch, search on google for it . changed the settings on cod4 using the codjumper mod and my fps is.