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From what some other users have somewhat figured out. It seems have more cells (ie. split) generates more XP/sec than just having a giant cell.

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The current system is very unstable and buggy, sometimes getting deleted for no reason. that teams will lose mass faster from exchanging mass to frequantly. For a given mass, the more you are split, the more XP you get.

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Safest way could be: Currently the only way to "level up" is to connect with Facebook. And you earn XP by just eating other cells, it's relatively simple. From what.

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liquid metal slimes, will give you a ton of xp, thus you would level up pretty fa. And if it's a game like Overwatch, then just do your best in matches, and get xp.

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In, when you log into Facebook or Google+, you become able to gain levels. (There are For a given mass, the more you are split, the more XP you get.

how to get idbi bank passbook entries is an insanely addictive game, with its simple concept and challenging gameplay. Even though fast, the idea is to get big ASAP! 2.

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Play Agario on Allkeyshop and win more points and the game of your choice every day! The XP you earn is automatically converted to Allkeyshop Points. ways to get points from easy and faster tasks, thanks for responding to comments.