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Jun 12, Using the right protective measures and products on your afro will keep it strong and healthy, ensuring a speedy natural hair growth.

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BLACK WOMEN CAN GROW LONG NATURAL HAIR. Learn how to grow natural hair fast, healthy & long in 3 months. African 4c natural hair growth regimen for.

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If you are African or have significant African ancestry, your hair may take a long time to grow and, in some Try box braids, as they allow natural hair to grow.

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Jun 5, Janine Jellars shares tips on how to grow healthy natural hair. Fast forward to now: Jellars has a healthy head of afro hair that she loves so.

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Feb 27, Hey. Does your hair seem stagnant and is the same length it was last year and the year last although you think you are doing the best you can.

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May 12, Take a look at these 7 tips on taking care of your Afro. Natural hair needs treatment every two weeks. Olive oil is known to prevent hair thinning and boost hair growth. Olive oil All4Women · SA Country Life · Essentials · SA Garden and Home · Food and Home Entertaining · Living and Loving · People.

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Apr 19, Lets begin with the different types and textures of natural hair; we have the Type 2 Wavy, Type 3 Curly and Type 4 Kinky; all of which require the.

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10 Tips To Make Your Natural Hair Grow Longer. Many women are now going the natural route. There are no shortcuts to growing luscious, long African hair.