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Increase the flexibility of your joints, develop strength and learn how to recover from ankle sprains and injuries.

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Your yoga practice is an excellent way to give your ankles the attention When you improve the front-to-back range of motion in your ankles.

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There are three components to healthy ankles—stability, flexibility and mobility— and yoga can help to improve all three. When you practice.

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Ankle mobility helps create strength and range of motion Ankle-based stretches can help improve range of motion, while ankle-based exercises can . Consider taking a yoga course to help gain greater mobility in your ankles, as well as.

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Whether you have tight ankles or your recovering after a sprain, here's a sequence of yoga poses you can do anywhere to improve your ankle health and flexibi you don't always notice when they aren't flexible (unless they're causing you.

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Weak ankles and limited ankle mobility can be a serious hindrance for mountain bikers. Yoga can help to improve ankle stability, flexibility and mobility.