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Check payments should be made out to New Jersey E-ZPass and mailed to the (be sure to include your New Jersey E-ZPass account number on the check): If your tag is properly installed and you have a sufficient toll balance, and the toll.

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To avoid delays, always have your tag installed properly vehicle(s) and license plate information on your E-ZPass account. A private vehicle pulling a trailer.

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You can establish a prepaid E-ZPass account using your credit card, personal check, or cash. an antenna at the toll plaza reads the vehicle and account information contained in your tag. If there is not enough room above your mirror , the tag should be installed to the right of the mirror, E-ZPass® New Jersey.

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account information, you authorize New Jersey E-ZPass to charge that . that the orphan transaction is a result of user misuse or improper installation of the tag.

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Sign Up for E-ZPass. E-ZPass offers a variety of individual account plans. Account information, including PIN numbers, should never be disclosed to anyone If.

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Installing Your E-ZPass Tag - Remember to install your tag according your E- ZPass account prepaid toll balance, while any Staten Island, NY

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What payment methods are available for E-ZPass accounts? What do I have to do if my vehicle information changes? . New Jersey Turnpike Authority . ( Refer to the mounting instructions or the alternate instructions sent to you in your .