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How to Make a 3 Tier Serving Tray. For informal get-togethers or formal affairs, tiered serving trays are interesting visual elements of a buffet or table setting.

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This article shows you how to easily create a three tiered serving tray using rustic wood slices and a few basic plumbing supplies.

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DIY tiered serving platter from JamieCooksItUp - I make these and sell them at How to Make a Homemade 3-Tier Cupcake Stand 1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing.

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***Try this-cardboard covered in cute paper (could also paint, but i like the paper idea), ribbon on the edges, and something to separate tiers (Make sure the.

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Decorating with Stampin' Up Lorri Heiling 3-tiered tray Rae Dunn Valentine Galvanized Tiered Serving Trays and Caddy Rustic Country Kitchen Decor.

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3 tier trays are trendy in serving food at parties, for holiday decorating, and home decor. Learn to style them and find the best budget serving.

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Don't have time to make your own DIY 3-tier serving tray? That's totally understandable! Luckily you can purchase them for a pretty good price.

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Present delicious appetizers and desserts using this simple yet elegant tiered serving tray. This ceramic 3 tier serving platter makes a great display at parties and.

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New traditional wood and aluminum three tier stand, round stained brown mango wood trays with silver-finished corrugated aluminum edges, silver-finished.