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These intriguing four-legged "stilt spirit" costumes were designed by Melissa Irwin and her husband, Garen. They were inspired The Dark Crystal and Hayao .

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Christina Borchardt loves making costumes for her family to wear to cosplaying .. 4 Legged Stilt Spirit Halloween Costume Tutorial - As Seen on YouTube.

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4 Legged Stilt Spirit Halloween Costume Tutorial As by Mel2DaIssa. How to build - 4 Legged Stilt Costume - stilt spirit. Halloween This YearHalloween.

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Build a 4 Legged Stilt Walker Costume Part 1- Best Costume Ever!.

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But when it comes to Halloween costumes, cosplayers take it to a whole other level. Spitter Costume, Left 4 Dead 4-legged Stilt Costume.

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This woman's Halloween costume transformed her into a terrifying 4-legged monster — and you can make it at home. Lucy Yang. Sep.

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This four-legged spirit Halloween costume is completely DIY created by Melissa Irwin. She also used stilts, crutches and foam to create the look.

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Finally! A tutorial! In the spirit of Halloween it is on sale for only $10! Grab it now! This downloadable tutorial will show you how to make the 4 Legged Stilt Spirit.