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Well, any element (or, indeed, any molecule) will emit a characteristic pattern of spectral lines when heated, so colored flames are pretty easy to.

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seen colored smoke come up out of them. Green, red, blue, purple, any color you like. (Image from Gifts for Men, Color Smoke Grenade).

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How To Make Colored Smoke Today we're making colored smoke! These homemade devices give off thick colorful smoke and are % real.

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Colored smoke is easy to make and requires few ingredients. Here's a list of some colored smoke formulations to try.

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Adding a colouring agent to your e-liquid will make no difference, the vapour Even modern smoke machines cannot produce coloured vapour. Jeremie is a journalist who has been writing about e-cigarettes for five years.

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In short, although the pictures showing rainbow colored smoke emitted from cigarettes look pretty cool, they are photoshopped and are hoaxes.

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Cigarettes, vape pens, or rolling papers that produce a colored all the chemicals and dyes you would have to inhale to make this happen.