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Whatever the reason, homemade drums are fun and easy to make with a variety . Make drum sticks out of pencils and tissue paper or simply use your hands to.

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Hand Drums Since , the world's most widely read drum magazine: in print, Djembes have a similar ability, in that they can find their way to fit into music.

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Let's take a look at some of hand drums of India that make this possible. The head is made of a stretched and layered leather membrane held in place by.

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Make one or all of these fun and easy musical instruments to encourage play A sistrum is a hand-held percussion instrument that dates back to Ancient Egypt.

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A collection of DIY homemade musical instrument tutorials from around the web. Homemade musical instrument - percussion - cute little jingle shaker made .. Making one of these hand held musical instruments is a great project to work on.

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Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Hand Drums at Musician's Friend.

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Percussion instruments have existed practically since the dawn of human shells used for increasing projection to smaller hand-held types.