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Free tutorial to make mittens out of a felted sweater (with printable pattern!) Recycled upcycled wool sweater mittens lined with blizzard fleece Sweater Mittens.

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Fleece-Lined Upcycled Woolicious Mittens: These wonderfully warm, Sew a button in the middle of the cuff through the cuff, wool mitten, and fleece mitten.

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Today she's going to show us how to make pretty much the coolest felted sweater mittens EVER out of, you guessed it, old wool sweaters. (And if you can't get.

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Give worn-out wool sweaters a second use by felting them into warm Upcycled Sweater Mittens (with Printable Patterns) For a thick, sturdy, ultra-warm final product, choose flat-knit sweaters made of percent wool.

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how to make felted wool mittens Thankfully, it's a cheap and easy fix. I have a huge stash of old felted sweaters, just wanting to be used, and.

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Made of upcycled wool sweaters that are washed, felted and given a new life. Lined with fleece to make them extra warm and cozy. Now you can make one of a .

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This pattern and excellent instructions can be found on: This is a wonderful way to use old sweaters. The higher the wool content, the better.

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FELTED AND FLEECED UPCYCLED CREATIONS My mitten making begins by finding wool wherever I can. That is half the fun!.

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PATTERN - CHILDRENS MITTENS - upcycled small wool sweater mitten tutorial download repurposed felted wool fleece-lined diy. $