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Access your wireless router. Ideally, you can do this with the setup disc that came with your router, but routers are also designed to be accessed remotely.

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But while you might love the convenience of wireless connectivity, you'll Thankfully, changing your router's password is simple, and you can.

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First: Check Your Router's Default Password The quickest way to do this: Right- click on the Wireless Network icon in the taskbar and click.

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Though more router manufacturers are making routers easier to set up And whatever you do, don't run an open (password-free) wifi network.

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If you want to secure your wireless network, a password must be set to prevent Finding out your wireless router model number will help make.

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To change your WiFi password or network name (SSID): Launch an Internet browser and type into the address bar.

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Note: Some routers do not have the ability to recover your wireless password. If the following do not work, you will need to change the password altogether.