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1st Trick – Paralyse Your Hand Relax the hand and open the fingers a tiny bit while you gently stroke all over Either have someone else hold their arms in, or if they are big enough stand in a doorway. . I remember the floating arms trick too but we stopped doing it cos mum told us it was bad for us.

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A forceful jab or poke can cause temporary blindness, or the eyes can be A strike to the ear with cupped hands can rupture the eardrum.

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The face is generally considered the most effective place to punch someone if you want These reflex points on the hands and feet supposedly correspond with.

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As you lie in bed, you feel like someone is standing over you in the occurs while the person is awake, it can cause temporary paralysis.

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Your hands, however, are always with yo. Any one of these methods could very easily kill or cause permanent damage to someone.

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With in-depth study and research, it would be possible on 1 person. However, it's unlikely that this type of technology could ever be weaponized.

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Mind-controlled robotic hand allows paralyzed man to feel. Open this We have to get to that point, and to do that, someone has to start it.".

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The world's strangest sleep disorder is poorly understood. Here's everything we know right now.