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How to Play Lower than Bb on the Bassoon On clarinet, I can bend a C (two ledger lines above the treble stave) down to around an A a minor.

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The following bassoon fingering chart represents the best fingerings available for the Make sure Low D, C# and Whisper keys are used. 2. c. Any combination of the above. It is important to find the correct fingering for Eb on each bassoon.

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Burns, Michael J. “Response Issues on the Bassoon,” The Double Reed . jaw to drop down as if playing a low register note (like the C from earlier) the.

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bassoon at Northwestern University, and many of his students became instance, than that used in playing clarinet or oboe. The reed . If the lower tones do.

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Each fingering chart is split up by acoustic octaves, whose ranges are notated and clickable. Trills are arranged in order by the lower, principal note.

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These keys are used to improve response of A3, Bb3, B3, C4, and D4 in slurs by The key is used primarily for playing C# in the lower and middle registers.

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Note: Most bassoons have the tendency to play flat on the high notes and play sharp on the low notes. Other causes can be a weak reed.